22.03.2023 | Luke Chapter 22

+ Wednesday: Luke Chapter 22 +
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Audio link: http://bit.ly/3JDrdFN 

I wish he who is in power, not to be puffed up due to his job, lest he falls from the blessing of modesty. It befits him to know the true lowliness in serving many. I wish the greatest to be the youngest. I wish those who have the prominent jobs to be ready to offer even the physical service, following the Lord’s example when He washed His disciples’ feet. This is why He said ‘let the foremost one be as a servant.’
+ St. Basilious the great

Personal Question
How can I apply this contemplation, and the Lord’s response to the disciples, to my competitiveness in school, sports, service, career, etc.? (Hint: There is a difference between doing my best and wanting to be better than everyone else, and humility is key).