23.03.2023 | Luke Chapter 23

+ Thursday: *Luke Chapter 23* +
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[verse 34] _He said this, not because He is unable to forgive them Himself, but rather so as to teach us to pray for the sake of our persecutors, not by words only, but by actual deeds as well. He says, “forgive them” if they repent, for He is merciful to those who repent if they wish to wash with their faith their many sins that they have committed.
St. John Chrysostom

Allow them to be cultured by means of your deeds if there is no other way. Face the wrath with meekness and their haughtiness with humility in their blasphemy with your prayers. Let us prove in real gentleness that we are their brethren. Let us follow the Lord’s example who endured the injustice, and thus compete in your endurance of injustice, scorn and degradation. Let Satan have no place in your hearts where he could nestle.
St. Ignatius the Enlightened

Personal Question
Christ role-modelled an amazing level of love, selflessness and forgiveness. How can I begin to model this in my everyday life?