Sunday School
1. Sunday School Classes

Sunday 10:30am - 12pm

Christ Centric teaching of children from pre-creche till Year 12 the Church beliefs, canons and path to reach heaven, includes camps and other activities.

Contact Karim Azer: 0418612568

2. Sunday School Bible Study

Sunday 10:30am - 12pm

Christ Centric teaching of the Bible to all children in Sunday School includes competitions, Bible study questions and other activities.
Contact Karim Azer 0418612568

Arabic Bible Study - St Mark Church Sydney
3. Sunday School Program

Contact Karim Azer: 0418612568

3. Sunday School Program – Focused on preparing and delivering Christ centric lessons to all children in Sunday School.

Arabic Bible Study - St Mark Church Sydney
4. Pre Servants

Sunday 10:30am - 12pm

A 3-year program focused on teaching high school graduates how to serve the Lord across different services. Includes exams and Bible studies.
Contact Mandy Boctor 0402149544

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
5. Youth Meetings

Friday 8pm - 10pm

St Marks Youth meeting (for younger youth) and Zion Youth Meeting (for older youth) allows Christian fellowship and building of youths’ faith in Christ and the Church.
Contact Mandy Boctor 0402149544

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
6. Tertiary Prayer meeting boys

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm

High school & youth prayer meeting for boys includes a spiritual talk and fellowship.
Contact Fady Ebeid 0424543269

Boys Prayer Meeting - St Mark Church Sydney
7. The New Eve
Tertiary Prayer meeting girls

Wednesday 7:30pm - 8:30pm

High school & youth prayer meeting for girls includes a spiritual talk and fellowship.
Contact Therese Karas 0422088817

The New Eve Girls Meeting - St Mark Church Sydney
8. Interstate

Contact Fady Atta: 0425386727

Serving youth that study interstate away from Sydney includes regular trips to different student centres in Queensland, conducting masses, spiritual revivals, camps & cooking for the youth.

Focus JCU | St Mark Church Sydney
9. Resource Room

Contact Evett Ishak: 0421593069

Supporting the needs of Sunday school in photocopying, gifts and other admin work.
Saturdays and Sunday during Sunday School hours.

Sunday Resources | St Mark Church Sydney
1. Rockdale Raiders

Contact: Ray Alasaal 0422393333

Partners with Rockdale Raiders club, multiple Coptic Teams competing in different age groups with St. George Football Association during the soccer season.

Rockdale Raiders | St Mark Church Sydney
2. High School Club

Friday 7pm-9 pm

High School enjoy playing indoor Soccer, Basketball or Fitness training in the brand New Arncliffe Youth Club. Children play for 90 mins then have a short talk with dinner.
Contact Remon Metira 0404223113

Arabic Bible Study - St Mark Church Sydney
3. Lions Cup

Contact: Emil Ateya 0416895236

Every Year we have different days for different age groups where we get everyone for a day full of excitement for Lions Cup Soccer Competition. Details and contacts will be announced via Church Announcements before the events.

Arabic Bible Study - St Mark Church Sydney
4. Gymnastic and Karate (on hold)

Contact: Emil Ateya 0416895236

For Primary Boys and Girls, weekly service that is been conducted via professional coaches.

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
Kids Activities
1. Primary Reading and Literacy Groups

Friday Nights During School Terms 6:30pm-7:30pm

Small reading groups which sets an important foundation for primary school aged kids to read and understand the Bible and other books. Friday nights during school terms 6:30-7:30pm. Contact Nelly Grace on 0404 739 140

Reading Groups | St Mark Church Sydney
2. Primary Library

Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm

Kids can borrow spiritual books and stories of the saints to learn about God and grow their love of reading. Prizes available when they return their books!
Contact Amal Assad on 0410 293 910

Kids Library | St Mark Church Sydney
3. Kids Choir

Sunday 11:30am-12:30pm

Learn hymns and spiritual songs. Regular performances to the parents to keep the kids engaged. Contact Marian Hanna on 0401 597 790

Kids Choir | St Mark Church Sydney
4. Scouts

Friday 7:30pm during school terms

Under the Scouts NSW Association, St Mark’s Scouts covers all ages well into high school.
Contact Michael Rouchdi on 0403622561

Scouts | St Mark Church
1. Narrow gate

Sunday 8am - 12pm

New food truck targeted at high school and youth with a contemporary menu.
Contact Matthew Assad: 0406 536 313

Food Truck | St Mark Church Sydney
2. Agape Kitchen

Saturday 6am - 12pm & Sunday 6am - 2pm

Serves hot traditional Egyptian take away food for sale to the congregation from Friday night (preparation).
Contact George Mikael: 0412129202

Agape Kitchen | St Mark Church Syd
3. 5&2 Café

Friday 8pm - 10:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 1pm

Seated breakfast & lunch in our Café.
Contact Rami Marcous: 0434 673 004

5 & 2 Cafe | St Mark Church Sydney
4. 5&2 Takeaway

Sunday 9am - 11:30am

Menu of 3-4 items that are quick and convenient for the congregation to enjoy after mass like avo smash, burgers, milkshakes, and chicken salads.
Contact Emma Fanous: 0419212980

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
5. 5&2 take away coffee

Sunday 8am - 12pm

Open on Sundays for take away hot drinks.
Contact Rami Marcous: 0434 673 004

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
6. Maximus and Domadius Canteen

Contact Emad Wahsh: 0402 389 194

Selling some of the major food supplies & drinks needs especially those you can’t find outside.

7. Kahk

Contact Nancy Assad: 0414 661 031

Making cookies before Easter & Christmas to sell to the congregation.

Kahk | St Mark Church Sydney
8. Drinks

Contact Raouf Yanes: 0412 029 189

Selling drinks on Saturdays & Sundays.

Drinks | St Mark Church Sydney
9. Camps Kitchen

Contact Mariam Ghanammi: 0432 331 901

Cooking for offsite camps which includes shopping, preparing food and cooking on camp sites.

10. Church VIP Functions

Contact Yehia Botros: 0420 610 278

Managing bishops and VIP visitors to coordinate church food and venue.

PR / Media / Outreach Services
1. Upper Room Media

Contact Olivia Morcos: 0404108236

Phone app that is now a global hub for all Orthodox content including sermons, music, blogs, videos, and podcasts.
“Unlocking the Treasures of a Timeless Faith”

Sunday School - St Mark Coptic Church Sydney
2. Lighthouse show

Contact Sandra Samaan: 0410 192 366

YouTube youth show in collaboration with CYC to provide insight into Orthodoxy, Apologetics and Church History for a global non-denominational audience.

CYC | St Mark Church Sydney
3. Feasts & Fasts

Contact Fady Georgey: 0451 192 167

Group that provides support, manpower and resources for feasts and other events spread out throughout the church calendar (Easter/Christmas celebrations, Holyween, Career Expo, etc)

4. Welcoming Group

Contact Andrew Moussa: 0402 813 598

Group of servants dedicated to ensuring everyone feels welcome and a part of the Church community. Role is to meet people at the front gates of church as well as throughout the church and connect them to priests, services and fellow members of the congregation.

5. I.T Streaming

Contact Sherrif Beshara: 0405 130 038

Providing IT support and running of the live streaming of all church events including masses, events, passion week, etc.

Youtube - St Mark Coptic Church Sydney
6. St Mark's Church App

Contact Andrew Bosse: 0431 267 961

New church app with the purpose of providing all announcement updates, list of church events, Sunday school resources and daily spiritual content including messages from our priests for the congregation.

Boys Prayer Meeting - St Mark Church Sydney
Community English Church Services
1. Young Mums

Tuesday 10am - 12pm &
Tuesday 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Weekly spiritual & social get together for young mums as well as a weekly prayer meeting to connect young mums.
Contact Yostina Ghaly: 0412896636

2. Single Mums

Contact Adriana Sharkawi: 0422501279

Regular support and mentoring with other single mums through networking and special events.

3. Women's Group

Tuesday 7:30pm

Women 45+ network through fortnightly Bible studies as well as regular retreats and catchups. Contact Sherry Salib: 0433980042

4. Ladies Connect

Tuesday 7:30pm

Women 25+ network through fortnightly face to face spiritual and social catchups as well as regular social events.
Contact Mariam Gadalla: 0477066466

5. Families Fellowship

Contact Christine Georgey: 0450800311

Connecting all English speaking families with kids through spiritual and social events to help raise a holy family in the bosom of the church.

Families Fellowship | St Mark Church Sydney
6. Couples

Contact Mark Kilada: 0413495921

Connecting young engaged and married couples to grow in their love for each other and the Lord through monthly social and spiritual events.

7. Good Ground Bible Study

Monday 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Weekly English in depth Bible study at the Upper Room Church.
Contact Geovanny Gandy: 0475414044

Good Ground Bible Study | St Mark Church Sydney
8. Lions Lounge

Thursday 7:30pm - 10pm

Weekly spiritual meeting in an informal relaxed environment, also suitable for non-Copts.
Contact Mark Anton: 0423560747

Lions Lounge | St Mark Church Sydney
1. Cleaning

Contact Mimi Azer: 0490243611

Cleaning all church premises includes rubbish collection, service is 7 days a week especially weekends.

2. Maintenance

Contact Victor Bastawrous: 0409 663 187

Fixing the odd jobs that don’t require a professional tradie, all handymen and women are welcome.

3. Bookshop

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 2pm

Where you can find English and Arabic books, CDs and gifts.
Contact Joseph Mikhail: 0410494633

St Mark Church Logo Press | St Mark Church
4. Buses & Shuttle

Contact Ayman Michael: 0422 347 448

Drivers with bus licenses carry passengers to trips, camps and other events. Shuttle car service ferries people parked in the Council carpark on Arncliffe street and operates every Sunday 8am-1pm.

Pre Servants | St Mark Church Sydney
5. Lockup

Contact Michael Rouchdi: 0403 622 561

Servants that lockup the church and its premises late at night ensuring the safety and security of the premises.

6. St Wanas Charity

Contact Evett Ishak: 0421593069

Servants focused on fundraising and driving different charity causes supporting kids in Egypt, Africa and Australia.

St Wanas Kids Charity Logo
Community Arabic
1. Second Mile

Contact Margo Shehata: 0401535133

Looking after elderly and sick people that cannot come to church by visiting them at hospitals and nursing homes.

Sunday School - St Mark Coptic Church Sydney
2. Elderly

Contact Mariana AbdelShaheed: 0406215801

Over 60s services at church including Monday , Tuesday and Thursday Bible studies after the normal mass, social gatherings, events and trips. Bus can pickup from home if around St George area.

Elderly Social Support | St Mark Church
3. Families

Friday 8pm

Social and spiritual gathering for Arabic speaking families.
Contact Emad Rafla: 0414529596

4. Prayer Meeting

Wednesday 7pm - 8:30pm

Spiritual prayer meeting with hymns and Agpia.
Contact Wafiek: 0405 565 677

Prayer Meeting - St Mark Church Sydney
5. Bible Study

Monday 7:30pm

In-depth Bible study in Arabic.
Contact Osama Hanna: 0413 716 210

6. Choir

Contact George Youssef: 0416 252 320

Performing at church events, the choir meets every Sunday at 12pm for practice.

7. Zoom Bible Study

Tuesday 7pm-8pm & Wednesday 8pm-9pm

In depth Bible study in different books of the Bible.
Contact Rafik Fouad: 0408552459

1. Tasbeha

Tuesday 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Thursday 8:30pm - 9:30pm
Saturday 8pm - 10pm

Join the Tasbeha group to praise the Lord.
Contact Tad Hanna: 0419297010

2. Deacons Arabic

Contact Magdy Iskander: 0412324785

Join the deacons Arabic group that learns church hymns.

3. Deacons English

Contact Atef Rafla: 0419223182

Join the deacons English group that learns church hymns.

4. Deacons School

Contact Hany Mikhiel: 0403354457

Focused on Sunday school kids, the school teaches both boys and girls basic hymnology.

5. Orban (Holy Bread)

Contact Amir Botros: 0410225414

Every day of the week, the church makes holy bread.

Orban | St Mark Church Sydney