21.03.2023 | Luke Chapter 21

+ Tuesday: Luke Chapter 21 +
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Audio link: http://bit.ly/3Td0Nha 

It is the intention that makes the charity valuable or valueless… The concern is not about how much she has given, but in how much she left for herself…
+ St. Ambrosios

He began to praise the widow for her heart’s generosity in this way, some of the religious leaders could be deprived of the heavenly kingdom due to their greed, whereas the star of the poor and the widows would shine in the kingdom because of their hearts’ being opened in love and generosity when being charitable. It is not a matter of how much they have offered, but rather concerning their inward spiritual fruitfulness…
+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
What is the right or wrong intention when giving? What have I given recently with the wrong intention? How can I be more like the poor widow?