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1. Weekly Spiritual Message
Spiritual message of the week by Father Yacoub:


Here are 3 things you can do when raising your kids that will change their character and make them very sweet kids:


1. Teach them how to love volunteering. For example, if there’s a sick neighbour, family member or friend, you go and clean their house, buy fruit for them, buy gifts for their kids. Also, teach them to spare some of their pocket money for the needy kids in Egypt or in other places of the world. Also, teach them that it would be great to clean the church.

2. Teach the kids that the word of God can be received from Abouna’s mouth. If we get into any difficulty or decision that causes some argument, then we go to Abouna and ask his opinion and take it as if it’s God’s opinion. This will solve many problems in the family. People that do this will have confidence that there is a final solution, and know that if they get stuck in decisions, they go to Abouna.

3. Lastly, let the kids live peacefully knowing that I love my partner and I’ll never separate from him / her. For example, prepare for his / her birthday party, or Mother’s / Father’s Day, go on holidays together; so the kids grow in a very peaceful way. They won’t have the agony of being disturbed by the fear of “mum / dad said they will leave”.

These 3 rules will make you very happy parents, especially in your old age when you see your kids very sweet and very holy; you’ll know that you did well by these 3 rules.



2. Updating your details on the Church Management Platform

St Mark church is now using a new platform to keep your information updated and help the servants and priests to communicate with the congregation members.

You may have received an email from ( titled “Login Credential “as you don’t have an account. The email contains your username ( basically it’s your email address) and a temp password. The temp password needs to be changed at the first logon with your preferred one.

If you have not received the email, please fill in this form and a new email will be sent. If you need any further help please contact

Pls ignore the email if you have already logged in to the platform.


3. Custom Gifts from St Mark’s Bookshop

Please see poster below – you can now buy or order custom gifts for Sunday School from the bookshop.  Discover a wide range of fantastic gift ideas and options to cater for any need.