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Dear All,

Please note the following 8 announcements and reminders:

1. Weekly Spiritual MessageSpiritual message of the week by Father Anthony:

“A Romanian Priest”

“I offer you as an example of the fact that our Christian joy does not depend on outer circumstances but rather on our relationship with Christ, the following story of a 70 year old Romanian Orthodox priest.

He had been thrown into prison by the communists in the Soviet era.

His son had died in a Soviet jail.

His daughter was sentenced to 20 years (in jail).

Two of his sons in law were with him in jail – one with him in the same cell.

His grandchildren had no food; they were forced to eat garbage.

Despite all this, this man had a shining face – there was always a beautiful smile on his lips.

He never greeted anyone with “Good morning” or “Good evening,” but always with the words “Always rejoice.”

One day he was asked, “Father, how can you always say rejoice – you who passed through such terrible tragedy?”

He replied, “Rejoicing is very easy. If we fulfil at least one word from the Bible, it is written ‘rejoice with all those who rejoice!’

Now if one rejoices with all those who rejoice, he always has plenty of motivation for rejoicing.

I sit in jail, and I rejoice that so many are free.

I can’t go to church, but I rejoice with all those who can.

I can’t take Holy Communion, but I rejoice for all those who can.

I can’t read the Bible or any other holy book but I rejoice for those who do.”

(Holy Joy: The heartbeat of faith by Fr Anthony Coniaris)

2. Apostles Feast – Wednesday 12th July

1st Liturgy: 4:40am – 7am: Raising incense/Lakkan/Liturgy

2nd  Liturgy: 8:30am – 10:30 am Lakkan prayers, followed by the Liturgy.

A blessed Feast of the Apostles to all of you.

3. Good Grounds Monday Night Bible Study – New Book!

On Monday 10 July, the Good Grounds bible study will start studying a new book: 1 Peter.

Join us every Monday at 7:30 for an insightful bible study based on the church fathers.

4. Holiday Reading Competition – Years K – 6

Still time to enter!  Attention all K-6 readers! Holidays are here and we want to see your reading selfies! Drop by the St Wanas library to pick up a book for the holidays and make sure to get a snapshot of you with the book whilst on holiday.

Rules are as follows:

1- The front cover must be visible in the photo

2- The photo must not be edited

3- You can only enter once

Please submit answers to:

Happy reading 

5. Saturday Service Picnic Lunch – tomorrow 8 July

Saturday Sunday School service is inviting all St Mark’s Church families to join us for a fellowship picnic lunch after the Saturday Sunday School mass.When: Saturday 8th July 2023 9:30am(after the Holy Mass) -2:00pm.Where: Lambeth Reserve, Picnic Point Who: St Mark FamiliesAbouna Elijah will bless us. Please bring your scooters, bikes and roller blades.This excursion will run in place of Saturday SS. A bus service will be organised if you require transportation from church.For further details please contact Adrianna Sharkawy – 0422 501 279Thomas Moussa – 0414 270 215