24.03.2023 | Luke Chapter 24

+ Friday: Luke Chapter 24 +
Reading link: http://bit.ly/3Jh2xBz
Audio link: http://bit.ly/3mSzzAi 

Contemplation* (verses 28-29)
If you wish to have life, copy the apostles so that you may come to know the Lord. They insisted on inviting all the more and said to Him to stay with them because it was almost eventide. The saint also says, “Invite warmly the close ones if you want to know your Savior. This warm invitation returned to the disciples what the doubts and lack of faith had taken thus the Lord declared Himself when He broke the bread. Therefore, learn where to ask for the Lord, and you will be lucky enough to have Him at your table.
St. Augustine 

Personal Question
Acts of love are a way for us to invite the Lord to our table, to come to know the Lord. What acts of love can I do today, this week and this year?