14.04.2023 | Good Friday of Passion Week

+ Friday: Matthew 27:27-45 +
(6th Hour Gospel of Good Friday)
Reading link: http://bit.ly/3MoADXz
Audio link: https://bit.ly/40TKn0o 

This was an obvious sign for the Jews, that the minds of those persecutors who crucified Him, these were wrapped in spiritual darkness (Rom. 11:25) “blindness in past has happened to Israel.” They have been rebuked and cursed by king David due to his love to God (Ps. 69:23) “Let their eyes be darkened, so they do not see.” Yes indeed, creation lamented itself to God; for the sun got …. And the rocks cracked, and the temple itself was clothed in sorrow, for the veil got torn from top to bottom.
+ St Cyril

Personal Question
Are my eyes opened and is my heart ready to accept God in my life or is my heart hardened like the soldiers who saw God but never believed?