08.04.2023 | Lazarus Saturday

+ Saturday: Lazarus Saturday- John 11 +
Reading link: https://bit.ly/3KE6a73
Audio link: http://bit.ly/3G9Yczf 

The Lord wept for Lazarus whom He would raise from the dead. He undoubtedly set an example to be like Him and to weep over our dead ones. It is true that He did not give us a commandment to do so; besides we have been granted the faith that they would rise up again to eternal life. In the Book of Wisdom, we are told to weep over the dead as one would who has suffered from great harm. However, we are then advised to be comforted as sorrow may lead to death and a sad heart may deplete strength (Sirach 38: 16- 19)
+ St Augustine

Personal Question
Is there anything I am sorrowful about? When I am sorrowful do I turn to God for comfort?