07.04.2023 | Amos Chapter 9

+ Friday: Amos Chapter 9 +
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[verses 7-10] After the Lord revealed Himself as the One capable of chastising us, of lifting us to heaven, and of consecrating us to work to the account of His kingdom, through the Messiah, ascending to heaven, in His upper chambers; And through the Holy Spirit who pours upon the earth to grant it the power to produce fruition — He speaks here about His care and support for the faithful remnant, up to the end. …If many has become like chaff, the sieve will cast them to the ground which they loved; But not the smallest grain of wheat shall fall to the ground from the sieve of the Lord; He will keep them in His hand, and no one will snatch them from Him; And He will bring them up together with Him to His heavenly temple, rejoicing in them for the sake of their faithfulness

[verses 11-15] An era of spiritual freedom, when man is set free from the captivity of the devil and the sin; to have inside him holy cities instead of the waste ruins brought about by evil; And vineyards of the Holy Spirit would be planted, to produce the fruit of joy; And the heart would be transformed into a divine garden, made by the Lord Himself (Amos 9: 14, 15). A joyful portrait of the church of Christ, the garden that brings gladness to the heart of God, and makes the heavenly creature rejoice by her spiritual edification, her fruitful plantations, her joyful wine, and her unshakable abidance forever.

+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
When I read of the Lord’s firmness, and chastisement, do I forget His goal of saving me? What can I learn from the Lord’s treatment of the Israelites in the book of Amos? How can I apply this to my own life?