04.04.2023 | Amos Chapter 6

+ Tuesday: Amos Chapter 6 +
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Contemplation* [verses 1-7]
This is the state of the soul that takes refuge in someone other than God; feels secure because of her temporal success or her religious reputation; and feels at ease, seeing everyone look at her with honor and admiration; It foolishly feels at ease and secure, instead of the perpetual strife and growth in the Lord! …To provoke the people of Zion and Mount Samaria to repentance, he presents to them examples of great cities of the old, that perished, after having been well famed for a long time… It is indeed befitting of us to take a lesson from what befall the others. If sin has caused the destruction of great men, and slothfulness has corrupted kingdoms, It is befitting of us to reject sin, and to stop walking slothfully; lest we become a lesson to others as well!

That life of evil and violence, and of not caring for the warnings of God, was supported by leading a life of pleasures and lusts; For which God rebukes them (Amos 6: 4). They know no spiritual strife or seriousness. Instead of putting on sackcloth on account of their sins, they stretch on their beds of ivory; … Corruption prevailed on their whole life, whether when sleeping, eating, drinking wine, having fun, or anointing themselves with the best anointments.

+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
Do I listen to the warnings and chastisements in the Bible and think they don’t apply to me? Do I read the example of the Israelites and think that my attachment to my sins is any different than theirs?