05.04.2023 | Amos Chapter 7

+ Wednesday: Amos Chapter 7 +
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Audio link: http://bit.ly/3zpM8WZ 

In His chastisement, God may seem as though He has forsaken us, Yet that would only be for some time, until we return to Him, then He would return to us. The prophet Amos humbly interceded on behalf of Israel, saying: “O Lord God, forgive, I pray! Oh, that Jacob may stand, for he is small!” (Amos 7: 2) That was Jacob about whom God said: “I abhor the pride of Jacob and hate his palaces” (Amos 6: 8). Once the prophet interceded on his behalf, and said that he is too small to endure the chastisement, the Lord relented and ceased. …God, even in the most bitter moments of our chastisement, longs to hear the voice of Amos in us, humbly interceding on our behalf, proclaiming that we are small and in need of Him; He would then lift up His chastisement, and embrace us.
+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
God gives us opportunities to pray for ourselves and for others, and to be compassionate. Do we use those opportunities?