Waiting on the Lord – Psalm 130

By Stephanie Khalil and Ustina Boules

Psalm 130 is a psalm of redemption and hope. We are all sinners and it is often that we find ourselves entangled in the web of sins that we commit. We tend to look to other worldly comforts to heal the wounds these sins have left. However, this would be like one sick patient seeking treatment from another sick patient rather than the physician, who is equipped with the knowledge, skill, and means to heal them. Similarly, the only way to heal the scars left by our sins is by submitting to God the real Physician. But how does one ask for help if they don’t know that there is a problem? We first must acknowledge that we are weak and broken and will remain in this state without divine intervention. Through the struggle with prayer – crying out to God, we grow in desire and longing for the One who can make all things whole.

King David understood this and in his cries to the Lord, he places his hope in God also. It is for the Lord that our soul waits, for the gifts of His grace, the power of His works and for His promises to be fulfilled as He said. Many times we feel that the Lord fails to answer us because we do not receive an answer within a ‘reasonable’ time. But in His infinite wisdom, He finds the most perfect time to answer our prayers and reveal Himself to us. In waiting on the Lord we are waiting for Him to work and be glorified in the circumstances. We wait with expectant hope that His promise to give when we ask will be fulfilled. In receiving, after all this waiting, with trust in the promises God has made (“Ask, and it will be given to you…” Matthew 7:7), we are lifted to praise our Lord for all His amazing works.

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