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St Wanas Kids Charity aims to support kids with special needs in poor areas in Egypt.
Aims of the service:
1. Offer free medical insurance including regular consultation, regular medication, and physiotherapy. The annual cost per kid in $1100 (cases are posted in the shop section of the page)
2. Establish a physiotherapy centre for the kids. Cost of establishing the centre is $5000
3. Offer free vitamins and supplements on a monthly basis to kids. The monthly cost of a supplements bag is $50 ($600 annually)
4. In planning phase – project to establish an accommodation of kids with special needs to train them and offer then needed rehab (project needs financial support and is till under study)

Areas of Support:

  1. Kids with special needs including mental needs
  2. Premature babies requiring incubators
  3. Kids departments in a number of hospitals in the rural areas of Egypt
  4. Education support – coptic schools
  5. Africa


Countries we serve:

Egypt, Malaysia, Australia, Kenya


How to Donate:

1- Donate by a Bank Transfer:

St Wanas Foundation

St George Bank

BSB: 112-879

Account: 479 815 622

Reference: ‘your name’

2- Donate to any of the St Mark Chruch’s Fathers

3- Donate to the church committee room (next to the church’s book shop)



  • Any donation above $2 is tax deductible.
  • All servants are volunteers. No management fees which means all of your donations are fully directed to the needs of the kids.
  • If you need a tax deduction receipt, please write your names in the Reference section.


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