St Mark’s Church News 31-08-2018

Please note the following (8) announcements and reminders:

  1. HG Bishop Asheyawill pray the Arabic liturgy this Sunday 2 September, with us.



  1. HG Bishop Youssefwill visit us next week God willing.



  1. Professional Photos for Father’s Day: Sunday September 2

There will be an opportunity to take professional photos for Father’s Day this Sunday.  Photos will be taken in the Church Hall (Where we pray the Kid’s Mass)

  1. Father’s Day Fundraising
    St Mary and St Mina’s College is holding a Father’s Day Stall on Sunday 2 September to fundraise for the purchase of smart pianos and for library renovations.
    The stall will be in front of the library or inside the hall if it rains.
    Poster attached.

    Happy Father’s Day to all ourAwesome Fathers!  



  1. St Mark’s Soccer Teams – 2019

St Mark’s Church is preparing to start a soccer team for 2019. We aim to have teams from under 6’s to over 35’s catering for males and females of all skill levels. Please complete this 2 minute survey to help us plan for next season. Please pray for this service. 


  1. Fr. Daoud Lamey Weekly Message
    Find attached video.

    7. HG BISHOP YOUSSEF, of South America: 3_day revival on the occasion of  St Mark English Service Silver Jubilee

Wednesday 5/9 – Friday 7/9

HG Bishop Youssef and HG Bishop Daniel to join us for a 3 day revival to celebrate 25 years of the English Church, 15 years of Kids Church and 1 year of the High School Church. 5 – 7 September 2018.

Please see attached for full program. All are invited to celebrate this blessed occasion.


  1. Nayrouz Celebrations
    The Pre-School and Primary School Nayrouz celebration will be on Saturday 15 September and the High School celebration will be on Sunday 16 September.  Attached are the flyers for both days.
    Please note: The celebration will be at Pope Kyrollos Church, Monterey.  On Saturday, the  Primary School Parents will need to drop-off and pick-up their children directly from Pope Kyrollos Church. On Sunday, the High Schoolers will be transported by buses to and from St Mark’s Church.



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