Spear in Your Side

Spear in Your Side

by: St Mark Youth

Every time. Every time…
I tend to ignore your wounds, your sores.
I pick the spear, yet I’ve been there before.

I hide from your face as I run to my shame
Yet the next day your goodness I always proclaim
Bowing down I utter your name
Praying that kindly You’ll forget my blame

You are good
You are merciful
You are kind

Yet as I momentarily forget these gifts
The truth of Your crucifixion I must reminisce
The spear that pierced your innocent side
Is the spear that I push further with my pride

I am Pilate
I am the soldier
I am a sinner

Teach me Lord to put down the spear
Teach me Lord to live in your fear
As I gaze O Lord at thy Passion
Allow me to act in Christian fashion

Put down the spear
Live in His fear
He will hold you dear
And make your conscience clear

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