Seek Your Mate in Poetry

These days many youth are in the church and that is an unspeakable blessing. It can be easy however to forget how many youth are also away from the church. Many times these youth may go without someone asking about them for years. I remember even hearing a terrible story where a particular person was away from the church for so long and had not been contacted. By the time someone tried contacting that person, one of their parents picked up the phone and told the caller that their child had died. They had died and the servant didn’t even know it…

Now if you would care to invest your time, let us consider this topic with a rhyme.

When was the last time you sought the one and left the ninety nine – instead of being on Facebook all the time?

How about your prayers at home? Do you speak to God in your room when no one is looking or are you too busy watching shows about cooking?

Don’t get me wrong cooking is great – but have you taken the time to seek your mate?

Your mate who was in your Sunday school class all those years ago. Remember? The one you would tease so your other friends you would please. They’re gone now and no one has contacted them for years. Literally years.

Besides they’re not your responsibility right – why should you have to fight for your friend’s soul? They’re not interested in Christ anymore you say, but dying on the cross for them you did not pay.

Why not let God lead you for once instead of relying on your base logic? Do you think Christ can’t reach them anymore because your logic says so? Well moving a mountain with prayer isn’t logical and that happened. Opening someone’s eyes with mud isn’t logical and that happened. Why limit God when you know His power your mind hasn’t fathomed?

Guard against the love of ease for then only yourself will you please. Real service is difficult. In true love and humility Christ bled. But for you sacrificing pleasure is a dread.

Arise from laziness and put your hand to the plough – your friend has been away too long till now.

Get up and call your mate. If you don’t have their number then look them up on Facebook. If you still can’t get in touch with them then look through old Sunday school lists – you just might find their number that way.

Isn’t it true when for that pair of shoes you were looking, sadly you didn’t find them, and it led you to inward sooking. Why don’t you pursue your friend as much as you would pursue things that make you look good? You want to adorn your body so you look nice but in the past 5 years, have you, for their soul, even prayed thrice?

Please don’t look at this like a guilt trip, just be encouraged to wrestle like Jacob when God touched his hip.

But in all this forget not to pray – asking that we all may inherit the Kingdom on judgement day.

Rhymes may be cheesy but it makes writing easy – Read again what is above and take from it what is true, then let God be the one to guide you…

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