Reigniting the Truth

Reigniting the Truth

by Natalie Hanna

If you ask an average person walking down the street if the sun will rise tomorrow, the most likely response would be an obvious “yes!”, with a rather peculiar facial expression attached. If you call upon child and ask what they know about truth, they will likely tell you a story surrounding spilt milk and their mother’s drastic reaction to their first lie. However, if you ask the child’s mother on an honest day whether she has spoken, or believes she has been spoken to in less than the truth during the past week, the sincere response would be a definite yes.

Now, I am not writing to tell you about the rigid selfishness that begs to haunt us as we exit our youth, but instead to utilise these scenarios to emphasise their distinctions. Though it is true that as children we are often educated about tellingthe truth, and indeed as we grow older we more- often-then-not waiver this obligation from our tortured conscious’, the point I endeavour to make is that we are seldom educated about the impactof truth- an absolute truth we know and believe to be a fact.

Going back to my analogies, one can presume with almost certainty that an average person knows and believes that the sun will rise each day as their entire life is dependent upon the absolute truth of this fact. They will wake up each day as the sun rises, go about their day, and sleep soon after the sun sets. A young child may not entirely process the concept of truth, but will no doubt expect the truth of his mother’s wrath when attempting to bend the truth, and will rely on it each day, from his mother’s smile down to the immediate response to his cries when attempting to tie his sandal strap. Further, an adult may have developed a hesitant perception of receiving and presenting the truth, but this in itself is the resultant impact of the absolute truth we have come to know within ourselves about humanities defaults.

The question I ask to reach my end is this; If you are the Christian you say you are, what is the impact of this truth to you? Is it as far entrenched in your routine as the rising of the sun, as consistent as a mother’s care and punishment, or merely a tentative lingering, similar to that of a recognised warning or threat? And beyond this, how does one practically define and apply this to a persona one cannot see, yet alone understand? The extent of these applications arguably, is a personal journey paved by the product of one’s collaborative physical and spiritual struggles in search for more, but I will strive to convey the basic effect, or impact this journey can have.

A higher power, connection to the ranks, or limitless insurance is something any person would jump at. Why not have the upper hand? If daddy owns the company, you’re guaranteed some kind of a job, and hey I’m not complaining if I have a sure guarantee my accidents are freely covered. God is the creator after all, so knowing him must have some sort of advantage. Einstein famously said, “God created the world as a perfect machine and left it to run itself”. I beg to differ. Though indeed God gives us the free willto run our own lives, why would he send down His son if He means to remain uninvolved? And what of the undying hope certain people experience amidst turmoil? Maybe He just plays favourites. Or we could have the ability to connect to Him.

If one gets two magnets dissimilar in strengths and moves the stronger towards the other, they will not meet unless the correct ends are aligned. And try as you may, but in the final stages of the moving journey, at a certain proximity, the smaller magnet will move to meet the other. We are the smaller magnet. And our job is to align ourselves, watch for the incoming, and allow the impact to move us to meet the true source.

The Designer of mountains and Ruler of seas decided to give us one thing beyond them, and that is to feel- to feel the impact of His true love and accept Him as our Father. The methods are known to those who choose to seek them, so I will not go on to explain this. I will only say that it is not a magic trick, but a slow and deliberate burn we must re-ignite each time it fades. My last question to you is; Do you want to feel it?

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