Priesthood Ordination

Friday 4 November: Prayer night followed by a Holy Mass: Tonight starting at 10pm.
Mass:  11pm to 12:30am, followed by aghapi (food offered by the church).


Sunday 6 November: Priesthood Ordination of Dr. Mina Iskander and Dr. Michael Shehata.


To allow the whole congregation to attend this joyous event, there will be some Mass and Sunday School time changes.
For this Sunday 6 November only:

Early Mass (as usual): 6:00 – 8:00am.

Children & English Mass start: 7:30am
Holy communion start: 8:45am
Church finish: 9:00am

Arabic Church Mass start: 8:00am
Sermon start: 9:00am
Ordination start: 9:15am
Holy communion: 10:00am
Church finish: 10:30am

Sunday School:
Primary: 10:45 – 11:45am
High School : 12:00  – 1:00pm

We will broadcast the ordination LIVE to the English church so people can choose to stay in the English church and share in the ceremony and prayers.

The ABC News will be recording the ordination on the day. Please provide assistance if needed.

If you would like to write any request for prayers, please bring it with you on Sunday and hand it to the new fathers. They will pray for you during the 40 days they will spend at the monastery.


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