Parental Controls Guide

Online Safety & Smart Devices Configuration

Device controls can cover a variety of functions. Usually, they restrict access to specific features and functions that exist on the device. You can control whether your child downloads new apps, or prevent them from purchasing something in the Apple iTunes and Google Play App Store.

In general, device controls won’t filter out specific types of content through the internet. You’ll also need to set these controls separately on any entertainment site or apps they use (such as YouTube, or Chrome) and on the network, they are connected to.

Pre-installed parental controls and software are available for most smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles and part of the system when you purchase them.

The information in this document is a reference guide for the setup and configuration of Parental controls and software. No recommendations have been made. Therefore thorough testing, configuration and monitoring of all devices within the Home Network is required.


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