by Father Yacoub

A requirement of Christianity! Have you ever heard of a Saint who was not gentle? Surely not! How about our Lord Jesus Christ, was he gentle? Most definitely!

Christs Gentleness:

The Bible is full of examples of Christs Gentle nature:

When the Paralysed man was lowered from the roof by his friends. Christ stopped His sermon to heal him! Can you imagine the same scenario with a Bishop or Priest?


The adulteress: Not only did Christ prevent her from being stoned but He also sat next to her. Why? To give her full assurance, comforting her, telling her
that they can’t stone you while you are with Me!

The children which Christ did not allow to be turned away! They would have been afraid of the crowds and Christ, knowing that, hugged them in all Gentleness!

Why did Christ heal the sick? Is it not salvation and eternal life which is most important? Yes, however what better way to show his love and gentle Spirit, than to heal those who are sick!?

Our Gentleness: Picture2

Harsh acts can turn people away from Christ! The act of road rage, or acting harshly with your family and friends, or bursting in anger. Perhaps why many do not accept Christ, is because of the bad image which we portray of him!

It is our responsibility to show our neighbours gentleness so that they may know the true nature of Christianity. Through this gentleness we can change the hearts of many and allow them to taste the sweet aroma of Christ and fall in love with Christianity.

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