Education Centre Update Monday 23/07/ 2018 @9:51 pm

Education Centre Updated Monday 23/07/ 2018 @9:51 pm


Web NEWS – Term 3/2018

Please Note the following updates:

First Day Term 3, Wed 25/07/2018

** Education Centre at Saint Mark’s Cathedral will start on Wed 25th July 2018. Time table is available on our Website. It is very important to REGISTRATION   is important by completing the form* which is available from the Resource Room on Sunday.

** Chemistry class for Yr 10 & Yr 11 will start soon every Wed when you register. Class will start when we find the number of students.

 *(classes from Yr 5 to Yr 12). Forms are available from the Resource Room at Saint Mark’s Cathedral every Sunday after the English Liturgy.


  • Education Centre at Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Classes are as usual every Wednesday afternoon during the school terms.


  • Timetable is available from our website.



We need your prayers and support by paying the CONTRIBUTION in ADVANCE to keep our service Open.

Just reminders of the Outstanding Contributions are to be paid IMMEDIATELY please.

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