Church Announcements 28-03-2018

  1. Spiritual Message
    During Lent, we will have a weekly spiritual message from one of St Mark’s fathers.
    This week’s message is from Father Daniel Fanous:  

As we come in these final days to the blessed steps of Pascha, it is useful to forget about ourselves. In Lent we have been repenting, thinking of our weaknesses, our lack of love, and our sins. But now for pascha, let us forget about ourselves. Let this week only be about our Lord, about his suffering, his passion, his extreme love for us. In this week of pascha, he thought about one thing only: us. So let us for this week only think about him. Let us be immersed in his passion and attend every service. Let’s not think about when we are tired, hungry, sick, etc…but let our thoughts only be about Him. Any other thought besides Him, let us cast it away. May we all be blessed by these holy days.



  1. Holy Week Program 

Please see attached English and Arabic Church Programs for Holy Week.



  1. Shuttle bus services during Passion week:

The Shuttle Bus Service will be operating during Passion week. We encourage you all to make use of this service as you will not have to worry about trying to find parking.

Operation Times:

Sunday – Thursday: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Good Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm

Holy Saturday: 5:30pm – 11:30pm


You can drop your family off inside the church car park, there will be servants who can guide you on the location of the carpark if you are not aware of the location (1-2 minute drive from church).

After the service or when you are ready to leave the shuttle bus will take you back to your vehicle.


There will also be another service to pick up members of the congregation from Arncliffe or Wolli Creek train station (a separate shuttle service for those travelling by train to church). This service will operate at the same times listed above as the shuttle bus service. 


Once you are 10 minutes from either Arncliffe or Wolli Creek Train Station please call 0422 347 448.


For those not using either of the above services:


Please consider our neighbours when you park your car. When you leave the Church, please leave quietly.

Church gates will be closed at 10pm each night after Pascha.


Have a blessed Holy Pascha week.



  1. Child Minding During Passion Week

Please see attached flyer for child minding available during passion week.

Contact Loris Mina on: 0432 681 023



  1. Easter Dinner

There will be an Easter Diner for Youth and Families after Easter mass in the Church Hall for anyone who would like celebrate the breaking of the fast. 



  1. Special Invitation from Omena Katrina of the St Mary and St Verena Coptic Convent in Leura:

“God willing we will be praying the last Friday of Lent through to the Feast of Resurrection in the monastery.” 

Girls aged 18 and above who would be interested in attending are welcome to visit or to stay overnight. Please contact Omena Katrina if you wish to attend.

St Mary and St Verena Coptic Convent 

Address:   6 Eastview Avenue Leura

Contact Omena Katrina: +61 402 791 863



  1. 40th Day Remembrance for Sonia Tadros  

Mass will be at St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox Church

339 Forest Road Bexley

Mass: 8:30 – 10:30am on Saturday 31 March, followed by gathering in the Hall.



  1. 40th Day Remembrance for Mr. William Yassa Gadalla 

Beloved William is the brother of Roshdy Gadalla, brother-in-law to Etedal Gadalla and Uncle of Maroula (Mimi) Guirguis.

The family wishes to thank all those who have shared in their bereavement for their kindness and support. 

Mass will be at St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church

800 Forest Road, Peakhurst

Mass: 8 – 10:30am on Saturday 31 March, followed by gathering in the Hall.



  1. St Mark’s Vacation Centre

Registration of the children is essential. Registration only in person on the following dates 1 April and 15 April  (8 April is excluded as it is the Resurrection Feast).

A Vacation officer will be available at the entrance of the bookshop to register your children.

Please see the attached vacation schedule.   


  1. Medical Teaching will be available at St Marks Church 

Time: 7:30pm every Thursday starting 12 April 2018 – Until December 13  2018.

Please see attached document for details.


  1. Africa and Egypt Youth tripfrom 9 to 30 July 2018 

Details in the poster attached. 



May you all have a very blessed Holy Week and a Joyous and Happy Easter.


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