A Servant in Poetry

A Servant in Poetry

Depending on which church you go to you’re called a “servant” after you graduate from a preservants course, which could take one to several years to complete.

But is that really what makes us servants?

Now if you would care to invest your time, let us consider this topic with a rhyme.

True servanthood belongs to the one who reflects their true Parenthood. We have been adopted from above and the sign of that is that we show true love.

Indeed without love we may serve but from the upright path we will swerve.

Preaching sermons doesn’t make us servants, nor teaching Sunday school for that matter, indeed without love all this would be but chatter.

You see in the end one of the most important things to remember about service is that service is not the most important thing. Your personal relationship with Christ is. Dear servant, where do you stand in your personal relationship with Christ?

You consider yourself as sent but are you someone who still repents?

You want your listeners to be in submission, but when was the last time you had confession?

You’re good with your words and want to stand on the block, but when God looks into your heart can He see a person who actually cares for the flock?

Take heed not to serve for show, otherwise your heavenly reward you will blow.

Take a moment and consider your end. Leave no lesser legacy than that you were His friend.

Rhymes may be cheesy but it makes writing easy. Read again what is above and take from it what is true and then let God be the One to transform you.

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