8/3/2023 | John 8:31-59

+ Wednesday: John 8:31-59

Reading link: http://bit.ly/41pK2mR
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3Zs94jc (start at 4:50)

*Contemplation* (verses 41-44)
The matter does not end with the reference to the branch and the stone; but with the indication that mankind has sinned even more through their choice of Satan to be their father, while he is the destroyer of souls. That is why the Lord reprimanded them saying: “You do the deeds of your father”, pointing to Satan who has become the father of mankind through deceit and not by nature. Just as Paul became the father of the Corinthians through his good teachings, so has Satan become called the father of those who willingly consent to obey him (Ps 50:18).
+ St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Personal Question
If someone were to look only at my deeds, whose son/daughter would I appear to be?