31.03.2023 | Micah 4

+ Friday: Micah 4 +
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Audio link: http://bit.ly/3TAlDY0 

Now, it is clear that no one in the whole world can put the fear into us or can submit us, we who believe in Jesus. Despite being beheaded, crucified, cast to the fierce beasts, chained, burned and bear all kinds of torture, we shall never deny the creed of our faith. The more we are persecuted, the more will be those who receive the faith and who become worshippers of God in the name of Jesus. It is like when a branch of the fruitful vine is cut off, it will grow again and produce other fruitful branches. The same happens with Christians; the vine is planted by God, and Christ is the Savior of His people. But the rest of the prophecy will be realized with the second coming. The prophet Micah says: “I will assemble the lame; I will gather the outcast, and those whom I have afflicted.” This refers to the fact, that you do not have the last word when you, and all the other people who have the authority, cast away every Christian not only from his possessions, but even from the whole world; you, who do not allow any Christian to live.
+ St. Justine, the Martyr

Personal Question
Do I worry about what people might think or say when I tell them I am a Christian or am I proud to be a Christian?