29.03.2023 | Amos 2

+ Wednesday: Amos Chapter 2 +
Reading link: http://bit.ly/406G5m3
Audio link: http://bit.ly/3LJxHUT 

Before the sermons are preached in the next few chapters, Amos highlights the main aspects behind their judgement:

  • The oppression they practise (6-8)
  • Paying back the goods of God with denial (9-12)
  • Their falling together under judgement (13-16)

Key verses: Amos 2:7,9

“How great is the stature of the poor, being considered as equivalent to a dwelling place of the Lord, where He can hide! The poor may appear as the one who stretches his hand to beg, Yet it is God Himself who receives your alms!”
+ St John Chrysostom

Personal Question
What about the poor in spirit, the lonely and needy in our own homes and classes who may silently beg for company, a kind word, or crave love. How quick are we to respond to these needs of others? Or do we behave like the Israelites and focus only on our own desires and personal gain?