27.04.2023 | Hebrews 8

+ Thursday: Hebrews 8
Reading link: https://bit.ly/41uzgLN
Audio link: https://bit.ly/40w31Kz 

[verse 5] We are able to choose to live in heaven from now, while still on earth (if that’s what we want)! It is said that God lives in heaven. Why? Not because that He is limited to stay in a restricted place (the heavens) God forbid! Nor does this mean that the earth is void of His presence. However, this is due to His relationship with the angels and their attachment to Him. If we are close to God, we are close to heaven. What do I mean by heaven? I see the Lord of heaven and I myself become heaven!
+ St John Chrysostom

Personal Question
Am I wanting to live on this Earth as if I am in Heaven? Which earthly desires am I distracted by?