26.05.2023 | Psalm 6

+ Friday: Psalm 6
Reading link: https://bit.ly/45jcB7h
Audio link: https://bit.ly/42SfqL7 

For as the kingdom of the devil is gained by consenting to sin, so the kingdom of God is attained by the practice of virtue in purity of heart and spiritual knowledge. But where the kingdom of God is, there most certainly eternal life is enjoyed, and where the kingdom of the devil is, there without doubt is death and the grave. And man in such a case, cannot praise the Lord, according to the saying of the prophet… For no man even though he were to call himself a Christian a thousand times over, or a monk, can confess his belief in God when he is sinning
+ Abbot Moses 

Personal Question
When we sin, do we turn to God immediately with remorse for our actions? Or, do we ignore our sins and praise God and tell ourselves we’re good Christians?