25.04.2023 | Hebrews 7

+ Tuesday: Hebrews 7
Reading link: https://bit.ly/40vqfRi
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3KWZDCZ 

Melchizedek was a symbol in these aspects:
His name “Melchizedek” linguistically means “the king of righteousness,” who is a symbol of the Lord Christ who reigns over the hearts by His righteousness. …
Second: His work is “King of Salem,” that is king of peace. The Lord Jesus reigned over His Church granting His believers peace with the Father, with their brothers, and with themselves. Humanity has reconciled with the heavens, humans with one another, and also the person with himself: between the soul and the body where everything in the person became spiritual abiding by the one spirit. Truly the Lord Christ is the true king of Salem spreading His peace over each soul that seeks Him.
+ Fr Tadros Malaty

He left us His peace before departing to the heavens, and will give us His private peace when He comes at the end. He leaves us His peace while we are in the world, and will grant us His private peace in the world to come. He leaves us His peace so that we may conquer the devil and will grant us His private peace when there is no more devil to fight us, so we may reign as kings…
+ St Augustine

Personal Question
Am I feeling God’s peace in my life? Are there things in my life that stop me from feeling the peace which He has left to me in John 14:27?