21/03/2023 | John 17

+ Tuesday: John 17 +
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Audio link: http://bit.ly/3yI1hCL 

Contemplation (verse 13)
“That they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves”: The aim of His address to believers is to pour His divine joy in them. Our Lord Jesus Christ is our eternal perfect joy. He is the source of joy and the Lord of true happiness. Without Him all joy fades away because that joy is linked to the evanescent world. But Christ’s joy is eternal like Him. He is the pleasure of the Father. He, therefore, asks this of Him.
Fr Tadros Malaty

He says that His joy that He gives them must be fulfilled in them. He declares that this is why He spoke in the world. Peace in the future world and its blessing are granted through the manner we choose to live in the present: exercising moderation, righteousness and piety.
+ Saint Augustine

Personal Question
What actions in our lives will give us God’s joy and peace? Peace in ourselves and peace with the people around us.