17.03.2023 | John 14

+ Friday: John 14 +

Reading link: http://bit.ly/3T9axJq
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3JxRSni 

[Verse 12] It is God’s will to grant His disciples great powers. It is His will that what the Lord did during His life on earth would also be done by His servants in His name… He gave them the power to raise the dead. Though God could have reinstated the sight of Saul, He sent him to His disciple Ananias. Through his blessing, the eyes of Saul recovered the vision he had lost.
+ St. Ambrose 

[Verse 30] The words of the Lord: “For the ruler of this world” refer to Satan. Satan is called the ruler of this world not because he presides over heaven and earth-otherwise he would have toppled and reversed all creatures. Rather, Satan rules those people who have submitted themselves to him.
+ St. John Chrysostom

Personal Question
I am called to serve the Lord. Why should I serve, and in what ways can I practically serve today?