13.03.2023 | Luke Chapter 15

+ Monday: Luke Chapter 15 +

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And let us not be afraid if we have squandered in earthly pleasures the heritage of spiritual dignity we had received; for the Father has given to the Son the treasure he had, the fortune of faith is never exhausted. Would one have given everything, one has everything, not having lost what one has given. And do not fear that he does not welcome you: for “God does not take pleasure in the loss of the living” (Sag., I, 13). Here he comes to meet you: He will look at your neck – for “the Lord restores those who are broken” (Ps 145: 8) – He will give you the kiss, which is a pledge of tenderness and love, He will make you give dress, ring, shoes. You are still afraid of an affront; He gives you back your dignity; you dread a torture,
+ Ambrose of Milan 

Personal Question
When have I needed to return to the Father and did not listen to my conscience calling out to me?