12.04.2023 | Wednesday of Passion Week

+ Wednesday: Matthew 26:3-16 +
(9th Hour Gospel of Wednesday of the Holy Pascha)
Reading link: http://bit.ly/3MusaSO
Audio link: https://bit.ly/41cQsop 

What place did Satan find Judas? Satan could not draw neat all those about whom we spoke, such as the blessed St. Peter or St. …… or St. John, for their hearts were firm and their love to Christ was stable. But Satan found a place in the traitor because of the disease of bitter greed of which the righteous St. Paul has said “the source of all evil” (1…6:10) which has defeated him.
+ St. Cyril the Great

Personal Question
Is my love for God steadfast or can I be swayed by the things in this world?