1/3/2023 | John 5:24-47

+ Wednesday: John 5:24-47 +

Reading link: http://bit.ly/3SslGVb
Audio link: https://bit.ly/3StAjrn (start at 3:33)

Contemplation [verses 24-30]
The Holy Bible indicates three kinds of death: natural death, or that of the body, spiritual death, and eternal death. The first occurs when the spirit separates from the body; the second is when the spirit is separated from God, and the third happens when the spirit and the body together separate from God in the world to come. Accordingly, there are three kinds of life: natural life in this world where the body and the spirit work in unity together, spiritual life when the spirit enjoys union with God who guides her through the Holy Spirit, and everlasting life when the body shares with the spirit heavenly glory in the bosom of the Father.
+ Fr Tadros Malaty

Personal Question
Spiritually, am I separated from God or in union with Him? In what practical ways can my spirit enjoy union with God? How can I prepare for eternal life with God?