Urgent Parking Considerations

Dear Blessed Members of the Congregation,

We pray you are all filled with the joyous spirit of the Holy Pascha week.

We have been blessed with a wonderful neighbourhood that accommodates our congregation, especially during our busiest times. However, it is crucial that we adhere strictly to parking rules around the church premises to ensure peace and respect are maintained for everyone in the vicinity.

Here are a few reminders and guidelines to follow:

  1. Avoid Parking Near Driveways or Corners: Always ensure that your vehicle does not block any driveways and that you avoid parking too close to corners, which can obstruct the view for other drivers and pedestrians.
  2. Quiet Arrival and Departure: Please be as quiet as possible when arriving and leaving in your vehicles. This consideration will help maintain the tranquillity of our neighbourhood.
  3. No Parking on Broe Avenue: Please observe the specific rule of not parking along Broe Avenue as this creates a traffic bottleneck which is dangerous.
  4. Respect Neighbours’ Reserved Spots: Some neighbours may place bins or other markers to reserve parking spots for their households. Out of respect for their needs and requests, please do not move these markers or park in these reserved spots.

Attached are photos taken by our neighbours, which have been uploaded to social media, showing instances where these guidelines have not been followed. These serve as a reminder of the importance of our community responsibilities.

Let us continue to show our respect and care for our community, especially during this week of reflection and celebration. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Should you have any concerns or require assistance regarding parking, please feel free to contact the church office.

Wishing you a blessed Holy Pascha week.