Strength through Weakness

Strength Through Weakness

A poem by Joshua Shehata

Let my eyes be shed to tears before Your Majesty,

My service to You and everything around You is the source of blessing magnifying my life,

As I bow down, You transform my many sorrows to a masterpiece,

From simple favours to life changing decisions

And yet, my love for You only grows stronger.


My strength is through You,

and as I begin to realise my mere human weakness,

only then can I observe my worldly limitations crumbling before me.

As you surround me with your presence,

My strife turns into might,

My sadness transforms into happiness,

And my fragility into steadfast faith.


I will never cease to continue serving what You began;

To change the world in a way never known to man.

Thank You Lord, for allowing me to be Your unworthy servant,

My heart melts before Your awesome presence,

And yet when You embrace me in Your arms, it’s another deja vu of my adolescence,

Feeling like a child once more,

Doing everything I can in Your Name because You’ve done so much more,

Allow me to feel Your love, wrap me tight around Your arms,

Allow me to feel the true sacrifice You gave to me,

That the humans of Your time couldn’t grasp even after every glance.


Remember me O Lord when you come into Your kingdom,

And allow me to be your servant on Earth for as long as I live,

Hand me your wisdom so I may join you in Paradise for all eternity.