Spiritual Message of the Day 7/8

Spiritual message from Fr Jonathan:

As we are approaching the holy season and the fasting of St Mary I thought to share with you some of my thoughts about this amazing saint, St Mary:
+ She is by far the most famous, respected and beloved woman in the whole of human history.
+ For centuries, Christians all over the world kept contemplating, writing about, uttering sermons about and listening to the unique virtues of this lady. I find one of the most amazing books written about St Mary is ‘Mary Mother of Jesus’ written by Mother Basilea Schlenk, a protestant nun! I encourage you to get your copy from the church bookshop and read it during this fast.
+ How can I not mention her amazing apparition over the dome of her church in El Zeitoun church in Cairo in 1968. This is by far the strongest apparition in history. It lasted 2 years, seen by millions and accompanied by thousand of healing miracles. We Copts are speechless, thanking St Mary for her love to our Coptic church, people and land to visit us in body in the 1st century and in spirit in the 20th century.
A blessed St Mary fast.