Spiritual Message of the Day 6/11

Spiritual message from Fr Augustinos:

Love is invincible
The love of God is the true unseen love of the divine nature, His love is beyond human comprehension but must be experienced, must be sort after with a heart that is focused on one thing in life, that is Him.  Once we are entering into His love we will find no other love that will satisfy us. Let’s not focus on the love of the world and its distraction, its pleasure but experience the deep divine love of God and not miss out on the love of the Beautiful who is our Lord Jesus.

This beautiful passage below from an unknown saint is a beautiful expression of the love of God.

“Love is invincible, royal children.  Its homeland lies in heaven, its kingdom lies in eternity, its shadow on earth, its absence in hell.  Oh how powerful is that shadow!  But real love, the love which blazes in the fire of the eternal fatherhood and eternal sonship of God, the love which Christ brought to the earth — that love is all-powerful.  The power of this love has no comparisons, no measurements, and no limits.  The earth would have exploded if Christ had not risen from it.
The earth was incapable of containing Him within itself.  This is the power of real, heavenly, eternal love.  The might of love is indescribable.  With the might of this blazing love, the King of heaven: visited the earth; endured all humiliations and tortures; and finally resurrected.  By its might: infirmities are healed; demons are cast out; diseases are cured; storms are calmed, and all nature is forced into obedience.  This love is entirely miracle-working, and wherever it appears – in whatever sphere and at whatever time – it works miracles.”