Spiritual Message of the Day 26/6

Spiritual Message of the Day from Fr Mark:

“Save us from inflation” -Coptic Orthodox Tasbeha (Midnight Psalmody)

Yes, do you believe this prayer is part of the concluding litany of Tasbeha? It always struck me as odd, in the midst of such divine praises, to pray to be saved from inflation.
However, It doesn’t seem that odd anymore! Inflation is soaring and we are feeling it in the cost of everything. What makes it worse, is the Reserve bank starts increasing interest rates to slow inflation. So the financial burden increases on all fronts. The Reserve bank should just learn Tasbeha. Anyway, I love how God and the Church are interested in small details of our lives. It is comforting to know that we have a God who feels our pains and shares our burdens. It’s special how we can live out each day knowing that the Almighty One is by my side. Thanks to our mother the Church for reminding us of the care of our Father God.