Spiritual Message of the Day 20/11

Spiritual Message from Fr Mark:

Before the curtain opens

Usually the priest is the first to arrive at Church for Liturgy. However, some years ago, I noticed a lady who always seemed to be standing in Church before I arrived. I tried challenging myself to beat her but she was always there before me. So I decided to ask her why she arrives so early. She responded, “my favourite part of the Liturgy is when the priest open the curtains of the altar. I feel its like the windows of heaven are being opened for us and I don’t like to miss this moment.”
I found this to be a wonderful way to approach the Liturgy. It is a slice of heaven. An outpouring of grace from the windows of heaven. The ultimate union with the King Christ. We would never arrive to a drama play after the curtains open lest we miss any part of it. How about the heavenly drama? Let us approach the Liturgy with this desire and open heart…before the curtain opens.