Spiritual Message of the Day 11/09

Spiritual Message from Fr Yacoub:

There’s a very strong promise recorded in Psalm 50:23 that gives us a key to solving many of our problems. The psalms were written by the Holy Spirit, the evidence for this is that Jesus Himself said “David said by the Holy Spirit” before reciting a psalm; essentially telling us that the psalms have been written by the Holy Spirit.

Why is this important? Because when you receive a promise from a psalm, we know it’s from the Holy Spirit.

The promise in Psalm 50:23 is “to him who orders his way aright” (ie who rectifies his path) “I will show the salvation of God”. Simply, the promise is that if I change my ways to be pleasing to God, then I will see the salvation of God.

What does “salvation of God” mean? His provision, security under His care, miracles such as healing, victory (eg in a court case). So, by changing our ways to be aright we can see the salvation of God.

How can I make my path aright? Do I have a bad habit? Do I watch wrong things? Is my heart very stubborn and harsh? Am I very lazy in my spiritual duties? Do I bow down before a beloved sin? Should I be modest and apologise for mistakes? Is my heart hard to the point that I reject someone approaching me for reconciliation?

Examine yourself, what should I do to change my ways to be aright and please God?

“To him who orders his way aright (who makes his path correct and right), I will show the salvation of God”. – Ps 50:23
This is a very strong promise, so if we rely on it, we will see many miracles happening in our lives through the salvation of God

Glory be to God forever Amen.