Spiritual Message of the Day 10/7

Spiritual Message from Fr David:

Everyone of us would like to live a good and successful life. Everyone of us is also experiencing some struggles – whether it is the pressure of our committment to work, or family or the struggle of others which we help them carry. Recently, some may be feeling this at a greater level given the economic changes. One common mistake that we can make is to bury ourselves deeper into the problem. Eg. If I’m struggling to pay rent/mortgage then I work even harder, take on more hours, spend more time at work to solve my problem. Sadly this can turn into a downward spiral which is often at the cost of time with my spouse, my children, loved ones…and ultimately even…time with God.

Off course there are times in our lives where we need to work hard, however we must ask ourselves what am I giving up? And Is it worth it?

Fr Thaddeus from the Serbian Orthodox family would remind all those who came to him with their problems that, “our thoughts determine our lives”.
If you want that successful and prosperous life, then start by controlling your thoughts.

As Christians how do we respond to struggles? Do we allow the world to consume our thoughts, sending us deeper into our problems? Or do we focus our thoughts and hearts to God, allowing Him to be our solution to any problem we face.

Lord you are the King of Peace. Give us Your true peace and help us focus all our thoughts and attention on you especially when we are in the midst of our struggles.