Palm Sunday Rites

1) Verses of Cymbals

1) Kerieleison, Hosanna in the highest This is the King of Israel Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord of hosts.
2) He who sits on the Cherubim rode on a colt and entered Jerusalem what a great humility
3) Jesus Christ is He Yesterday , today and forever we worship and glorify Him.
4) O King of peace, give us Your peace, confirm Your peace and forgive us our sins.
5) Disperse the Church enemies, fortify her and strengthen her forevermore.
6) Emmanuel our God is among us now with His Father’s glory and the Holy Spirit.
7) To bless us all, purify our hearts and heal the illness of our bodies and souls.
8) We worship You O’ Christ with Your Gracious Father, and the Holy Spirit for You have come and saved us.

2) The Doxology

1) David the Psalter, and the king of Israel,
spoke with glory, of this great feast saying:
2) That from the mouths, of small babies and suckling,
You have prepared praise, through Your will O Lord
3) Also it is written, don’t be afraid O daughter of Zion,
Your King will come, riding on a donkey.
4) What great humility, that our Saviour did,
when He entered Jerusalem, riding on an donkey
5)This day it has been fulfilled, the prophecies
some took palms, and some olive branches.
6) Others laid their cloths, on the ground before Him,
and the children cried saying, hosanna to the Son of David
7) Hosanna in the highest, this is the King of Israel,
Blessed is He who comes in, the name of the Lord of hosts.
8) We praise and glorify Him, and exalt Him greatly,
as good and Lover of Mankind, have mercy according to Your great mercy

3) Palm Sunday Hymn

+ Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, and again in the name of the Lord
+ Hosanna to the Son of David, and again to the Son of David.
+ Hosanna in the highest, and again in the highest
+ Hosanna to the King of Israel, and again to the King of Israel.
+ Let us praise saying Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia,
+ Glory to our God, and again to our God

4) Procession Responses

1. The four immortal creatures lifting the chariot of the Lord the face of a lion and the face of a bull, the face of a human and the face of an angel
Hosanna in the highest this is the King of Israel, Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord of Hosts
2. You deserve to be honoured, with your cousin, Elizabeth blessed are you among women, and Blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus
3. Gabriel the angel, whom Daniel saw,  standing on his feet, on the bank of the river.
4.Michael the chief of the heavenly, he is the first in the order ,of the angels, serving before the Lord
5. St Mark the apostle, and the evangelist, the witness of the suffering, of the only God.
6. Jesus Christ sent you, O’ twelve Apostles to preach the nations, and make them Christians
7. Saint George completed seven years in suffering, and seventy opposing kings, ruling over him daily
8. Unbind from your hearts the thoughts of evil, and the false assumptions that darken the mind
9. When You come in Your second coming, which is awesome and glorious,
we shall not fearly hear , That I Do not know you
10. John witnessed, in the four Gospels; I baptized my Saviour, in the Jordan river
11. He who sits on the Cherubim, on the throne of His glory enters Jerusalem, what great humbleness.
12. There is none among born of women, who resemble you, you are great among the saints, O’ Saint John the Baptist

5) Verses after Palm Hymn

1. He Who sits on the Cherubim, rode a donkey,  and entered Jerusalem, what great humility!
2.They fervently praise Him saying, this is Emmanuel hosanna in the highest, this is the King of Israel
3. Let us say with David the Psalter, Blessed is He who comes, in the name of the Good Lord, from now and forevermore.

6) Vesper Response after the Gospel

+ So Zaccaeus said to his Lord, half my money,  I will give O Lord, to the poor with honesty
+ The Lord God of hosts answered, salvation has been granted,  to you this day for you’re also, the son of Abraham

7) Response before the Acts

+ Hosanna in the Highest, this is the King of Israel, Blessed is He Who comes in, the name of the Lord of Hosts
+ Truly blessed are You with Your Gracious Father and the Holy Spirit for You have come and saved us.

8) Responses after the Gospels

1.That Who is sitting above the Cherubim, today appeared in Jerusalem,  riding on a colt with great glory,  and multitude of angels surrounding Him.
2. The crowed spread garments on the road,  and they cut branches from the trees, while shouting and singing: “Hosanna to the Son of David”.
3. Today the sayings have been fulfilled,  as said in the Prophets and proverbs, and also Zachariah prophesied and said:  a prophecy about our Lord Jesus Christ
4. Hosanna in the Highest, this is the King of Israel, Blessed is He Who comes in, the name of the Lord of Hosts

9) Psalm 150

Alleluia , Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia
Jesus Christ King of glory entered Jerusalem
Praise God in all His Saints……….