Featured Saint 26/05

St. George (Ga’orgi), the Friend of St. Abraam

Claim to fame: He then desired to live alone in the inner wilderness and went to the monastery of the Roman Saints Maximus and Domadius in Scetis. At the same time, St. Abraam arrived at the monastery. They went together to the monastery of St. Macarius and met St. Yoannis, the archpriest of Sheahat. He gave them a cell close by him to live in, which was known as the cell of Bageeg, where St. Abraam departed, and after him St. George departed also, and he was seventy-two years old.

Quote: He desired to become a monk, so he left the tending of the sheep, and he was fourteen years old. He went to the wilderness of St. Macarius. While he was walking on the road, the devil appeared to him in the form of an old man and said to him: “Your father thought that a wild beast has killed you, and he rent his garment, grieving over you. It is meet that you should return to your father to comfort his heart first then return to the wilderness”. The Saint was astonished for that and thought in himself saying: “The Holy Bible says: ‘He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me.'” (Matthew 10:37) When he said that the devil became like smoke and fled from him.

Fun fact: He was born to saintly Christian parents, and he shepherded the sheep of his father.