Featured Saint

Saint Abanoub

Claim to fame: He was martyred at the age of 12 by the Roman ruler, Diocletian after declaring his faith. He endured seven different tortures and converted many in believing in Christ at each place he was tortured. Archangel Michael used to come and heal his wounds.

Quote: ‘A man said that after he attended mass in St Abanoub’s church in Samanoub, he went on his way carrying a brief-case. “It was raining, and I slipped, and fell into a puddle. Then a young boy came running at me, and helped me get on my feet. He handed me my brief case, and told me to cross to the other side of the street. I was surprised to find out that my clothes and my brief-case were completely dry. Then I looked for the little boy, but he had disappeared.”
Fun fact: There have been numerous apparitions of St Abanoub in his church in Samanoud where his body lay.