Featured Saint 20/11

St. Catherine of Alexandria
-Claim to Fame: Catherine was a very beautiful and educated girl. When it came time to get married, she had many people come to her from very well-off backgrounds, but she refused them all. Catherine’s mother was a secret Christian and so sent her to her own spiritual father who told her he knew the perfect husband for her and gave her a picture of Mother of God with Jesus and told her to pray with faith to St Mary for the bestowing vision of Her Son. She prayed all night to St Mary who sent her Jesus, but He couldn’t look at her because she was not washed with the waters of Holy Baptism and sealed with the Holy Spirit. She then sadly returned to the elder who then joyfully baptised her and then she had a vision that the Lord gave her a wonderous gift- a ring. She later met the emperor who tried to persuade her to lose her faith by promising her marriage, riches and much more. He got so angry when she refused it all and she then willingly put her head under the block under the sword of the executioner.
-Fun fact: Her feast say is celebrated on November 25.