Education Centre Parent Rules

Dear blessed parent(s)

Peace and Love of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Students who intend to join, have to adhere to the following rules:

 Arrive 5 minutes before the time. (No one will be allowed to enter the class after the starting time.)

 Students have to take this very seriously. Those who disrupt the lesson will be asked not to come back.

 Students have to be regular in attendance. If for any reason a student is going to be away, he/she has to contact the teacher and explain the reason for his/her absence.

 Students who are often away will be asked not to attend.

 Parents must collect their children at the end of the lesson. Under no circumstances are the students to be left at church after finishing their lesson. Please check our website regularly for updated news, also any changes of the time table.
Read below and CUT: ————————————————————————-
Please fill in the following and bring it to the supervisor after parent’s signature as an agreement to the above rules:

Student’s Name: ____________________ Year: ____

Address: _______________________ Sub: ________ PCode: _____

Home Phone No: _________________ Mobile No: _________________

PARENT’S SIGNATURE: _________________ Date: ___/___/_____