David’s Secret

David’s Secret

by Marcus Mikhail

What was your secret, David? Where was your peace?
What gave you comfort in distress, so your joy would only increase?
Where is this peace that you found? I long to have it as you did
I long for the darkest times of my life to be over and have what my Saviour bid

What was your secret, David? How did you become a man after God’s own heart?
What an honour, what a privilege to know nothing could tear you apart
You began venting, letting all your emotions out
And it turned into praises where you did shout

I long for your strength and God’s gentle voice
I feel as if He isn’t there or perhaps it’s my choice
I long for His love and embrace
I long for His compassion; His grace

I walk in this life going from strife to strife
Every corner I turn almost costs me my life
I feel so empty, so cold, so dark
Where are You, Lord? Don’t you know your son, Mark?

I’ve asked this question many a time and I still don’t have the full answer
Is it because I don’t trust Him enough, or maybe a cancer?
A cancer that destroys the body, not physical in nature
It wreaks havoc in the soul and causes me to think I’m a failure

Lord hear my prayer, this is my plea
I want my life to be whole and to live free
My life is not perfect but that was never the aim
Help me imitate Your son, David, and the great man he became