Joke of the Day 18/7

I hear they are developing a mind-controlled air freshener.
It makes scents when you think about it
Featured Saint

Featured Saint

St Ignatius
Saint Ignatius of Antioch Orthodox Icon - BlessedMart
Claim to Fame: He was the Bishop of Antioch in Rome in the 1st century.
Quote: In his letter to the Christians that he wrote on the way to his martyrdom, he said “”I am afraid that your love may be harmful. If you wish to prevent my death, that will not be difficult for you. But allow me to be slaughtered wherever the altar has been prepared…I am wheat which must be ground, to make bread, to be offered to Jesus Christ. Whenever the people will not behold me anymore, I will behold our Lord Jesus Christ.””
Fun Fact: His name means “”Godbearer””
Spiritual Message

Spiritual Message of the Day 19/7

“However much then a man may sin before you, do not condemn him, but consider yourself a far greater sinner than him.”
– Abba Epiphanus